Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Sachin Effect - Ind v England Chennai 2008

The day after Sachin Tendulkar did it. Helped India chase down 387 and hit a boundary on 99 to make a century as well as the winning runs.

As the last 4 was hit, Anil - my Code Red* partner-in-crime instantly messaged me - "Abhi 2 action point jyaada mila to bhi chalega"

Yes - that's the effect Sachin has on us. The feel-good factor when he plays well and India wins.
What's happened for Indian cricket on Dec 15th 2008 is the sort of thing you feel you'll never get to watch ever. SRT batting a fourth innings century and India winning the game.
Come on - break Lara's 400* too before you retire !

  • Congrats also to Yuvraj who stopped hitting the boundaries at 80* and leaving enough runs for SRT to get to his hundred.
  • Thanks to Monty Panesar and Swann for not bowling 4 wides to finish the match - and actually leaving 4 runs for India to bat at the end.
  • Congrats to the people(match referee?) who selected Sehwag for the deserved Man-of-the-Match and didnt get senti enough to give it to Sachin
  • The emotional scenes when all the ground staff swamped SRT after the game ended. Truly touching.
  • Poignant that Sachin dedicated his innings to Mumbai - as his RBS ad affirms "I play for India now more than ever"

And finally this classic comment on the BBC forum during the chase
"my beloved England are heading for another disappointing flat ending. We couldn't kill off a half dead runover cat with a placard in it's hand saying "do us a favour mate and kill me off"..

(*Note - My current project is in a spot of bother, hence Code Red)

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