Thursday, 13 June 2013

Maven build - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The argument does not represent an annotation type

When you run a Maven build and get this error

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:3.
0:compile (default-compile) on project celebrity-cda-web: Fatal error compiling:
 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The argument does not represent an annotati
on type: XStreamImplicit -> [Help 1]

In this case Maven cannot find the class XStreamImplicit

The problem is that a <dependency> which was earlier defined in the pom.xml has now been deleted or the Maven repository is not defined correctly for that dependency.


Sunday, 31 March 2013

HTC Wildfire Reset to Stock ROM

If you’re on cyanogenmod or some other rooted ROM and you’re missing the smoothness of HTC Sense J , worry not.

 If you didn’t take a Nandroid Backup of the stock ROM when rooting your phone, you’ll have to download and install the correct version of the stock HTC ROM for your model and region.

Some links to these ROMs are at

Generally, RUU's are named as


 Note the EXE versions will UNROOT your phone and leave you with an original HTC ROM in case you need to claim a warranty fix on your phone.

 I prefer the ZIP versions which keep the phone with ROOT and you can then use Root Uninstaller from the Play Store to disable any system apps which you don’t want to use.

 For Wildfire S Asia India RUU this is the ZIP version of the ROM

 And for plain Wildfire i.e. A3333 use the download from here

In case the link is broken Search for “”

Make sure you download the valid ROM for your REGION, and for your Device Model. The above link is only for ASIA_INDIA

Before you do anything else,

Take a Nandroid Backup of your working ROM.

If you use the wrong ROM, you will be stuck waiting on the HTC Logo screen for like ever.

If your phone is bricked in that manner, remove and then reinsert the battery and try to get into Recovery mode into one of the earlier Nandroid backups.

 Installation Method:

Take a Nandroid Backup of your Cyanogenmod ROM in case you want to revert to it later
  • Copy the ZIP to root of your SD card
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Factory Reset
  • Then flash the zip from SD card

First reboot takes a while – all else good after that